About us


Rhinorat Recordings is a record label company started by the people behind Ask Film, Black Rhino Music and Norwegian Rat Clothing. We offer premium quality studio recording, movie making and custom designed clothing - the best of three worlds.

Our mission is to be an alternative to the established music labels, offering affordable studio recording and high quality vinyl, movie making and customized merch, or a combination of the above. We also aim to make use of the nearby surroundings when recording and shooting films.

Feel free to read on if you want more detailed infor about each company RhinoRat Recordings consists of.


Black Rhino Music is a production-/record company located at Randaberg with a primary focus to support new artists within the music industry. They can also be hired for composition and production of film music, sound effects and sound editing. They have extensive experience with a variety of genres and are therefore able to tackle whatever needs you may have.


Ask Film is owned and runned by movie-/ tv-photographer Peter Ask. He has worked with all the prominent Norwegian TV-channels and companies such as NRK, TV2, Monster Entertainment and Feelgood Film to name a few. “Helt Perfect”, “Nårje”, “Dansken og Fingern” and “Torsdags Kveld Fra Nydalen” are only a handfull of shows he has been a part of. Several of these have been nominated - and won! - the award “Gullruten” for best program.


Norwegian Rat is a clothing company with - first and foremost - a huge focus on quality and durability. With the emphasis on the dark and mysterious sides of Norway, their distinct signature feature is to incorporate Norwegian historical text and prints by various artist on the inside of all their main products.

They also do band editions of their gear, and are working with bands such as Aura Noir, Kampfar, Alfahanne, Gaahls Wyrd, Gåte, The Nomads, Electric Frankenstein and many many more.